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Web Development - Content Management

Warp Critical are dedicated to providing a complete solution for their clients, allowing the client to keep their websites up to date with no specialist knowledge or update fees.

Our system is designed to be easy to use. If you know how to browse the internet, you can use our CMS. It really is that simple.

The content management system is presented as a duplicate of the website with each editable segment of the page being indicated.


The client can simply select the text area or image they want to change and then make the amendments required, whether it's amending some text or adding a picture. The live site will reflect those changes as soon as they are accepted.


Pages can also be easily added to the site.


Our Content Management System has been completely written in-house and has been used successfully on many of sites over recent years. By having full control of the system on which your site is built there is no feature we cannot add - if you can think of it we can write it.


The system can be combined easily with our online shopping services, giving the client full control over the shop catalogue.


The CMS is also designed to encourage good SEO practices.