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Conkers is one of those strange British customs that many parents remember fondly from their childhood. However, a combination of health and safety concerns and a preference for electronic games has seen it exit the school playground. Phonkers brings the magic of playground Conkers back to life...with a modern twist.


We wanted to create a mobile game that stayed as true to Conkers as possible - players swing their phone in an arc when striking. We also wanted a simple mechanism to allow children to play their friends. Conkers is, after all, about bragging rights; this becomes a much more powerful driver if you know who you have just beaten. We had fun with the vernacular - "You got phonked" - and the characterisation, which we hope will lend it much broader appeal amongst its target market.


The Android App was built in Java using Android Studio.

The website and the game's server components were built with the Warp Critical CMS.

Technology: Warp Critical CMS, .NET, C#, SQL Server, Java